Masters in the Art of Caring: Jeff Goins’ Tribe Conference

Are you hungry for an example of what it looks like when a business shows its Heart, and reaches out to Care for people?

In Franklin, TN for the weekend, I am honored to be a part of Jeff Goins’ first-ever Tribe Conference.  And while all of the tips and tricks being shared by the speakers are industry gold, the most captivating talks for me have been the ones that are showcasing business Heart.  (YES! Go, Jeff!)

Not only is Jeff doing an amazing job of Caring for us; but also, he took the time yesterday to share the stage with a couple of incredible organizations, which are doing work to care for the needs of people all around the world. Like a Master in the Art of Caring, Jeff used his platform to shine the light on these folks, (and encourage us to get involved), while simultaneously enlightening us about how he uses his business (even proceeds from the Conference) to Care outwardly via these organizations.

As a result, I officially have to give Jeff 5-Heart-Stars (a rating scale that I just made up right now) in how he is using his business to Care for people.

We had the opportunity to hear from Chris Marlow, the CEO and founder of Help One Now.


With a presence in 8 countries, Help One Now “is a catalytic tribe committed to empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders who care for orphans and vulnerable children in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty.”

As a sponsor of the event, Chris has resources available to us on-site this weekend, to educate us on what they are doing in the world, and to lend opportunity for us to get involved. “Not out of guilt,” they ensure us, but out of a heart of compassion, and a desire to love on those in need.

Jeff also shined the light on Know Think Act, who is “investing in Africa’s communities . . . one need at a time,” when he spoke with the president, John Walter.


Their mission statement is simple: “We empower local leaders who are working to end extreme poverty in their own communities.” Jeff even talked with us about his own journey to Kenya with Know Think Act. It was a profound and moving moment in the day. An incredible example of building a business that Cares for people.

Perhaps the most powerful message of the evening (perhaps even some men cried) was the breathtaking presentation shared by Jeremy Cowart.


Jeremy is a globally-known photographer at the top of his game. His impact reaches far and wide; his influence is palpable. But it is not his accomplishments in photography that he chooses to draw attention to. Instead, he has chosen to use his platform, and his business, to draw attention to areas of the world where there is deep need and intense suffering.

Jeremy invited us into his Heart as demonstrated Care for individuals through his projects here in the U.S., in Haiti, and in Rwanda. His presentation was thought-provoking and tear-jerking, and left a profound impression on us all about how we can use our business to reach out and Care for people.


It was my favorite part of the day.

In the coming months, I will have the opportunity to speak more with some of these gentlemen, as I purpose to capture a deeper look into their Hearts for service, and showcase their inspiring Care for people.

You won’t want to miss that!

In the meantime, stay tuned here in the days to come as I put together my full write-up about the event.  But for now, i just had to break-out, and give Jeff a big high-five for leading by example in using his business to Care for people.

High-five, Jeff!

Are you at the Conference with me right now?? In the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts about these great guys!

Your friends need to know about all this Carin’ goin’ on – be sure to share this with them! Go on . . . fill their heart, and make their day!

Jeff Goins: The Art of Work

Did you ever see the movie The Neverending Story?

Do you remember the part when Bastian is lying on the attic floor reading the book, and Atreyu is headed for the Magic Mirror Gate (the huge mirror that reflects your true self)?

As he approaches, Atreyu indeed sees his true self: it is Bastian, lying on the attic floor reading the book.

“Reading” this, Bastian freaks out.

And throws the book across the room.

That was me reading Jeff Goins’ The Art of Work.
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Harness your Voice.  Project your Heart. Build your Business House.

If you want to build a business that thrives instead of dies.

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Yep, you saw it right! I’m over here ROCKIN’ the WP Twenty Fourteen theme like an anthem.

It’s my rally-cry to all the creative entrepreneurs out there who feel like they can’t START because they don’t have that spanky custom website yet.

Because you can’t wait for the “perfect” to permit you to START!

So, let’s band together.  Squash “perfection.”  And




I am dying to get talking with you.

Chomping at the bit.
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Got an Online Business? Do you have Voice Envy?


This time I’m not talking about your business Voice (sorry for any confusion).  I’m talking about your voice voice. The one that comes out of your mouth.

Do you sweat when you hear yours on playback? Are you seethingly jealous of those with great voice?

I am. (if you said yes, then let’s be friends.)

Here I am, over here doing this online thing. And I am compelled to gather my People (and build my brand, my list, my platform). Right?

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Glad to.

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To address the latter, yes. Yes it does matter. Like, a ton.

The former, well, that may depend on who’s talking.

Here in this space, the Heart in your business means this:
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