Hey there, Seeker!

I know you!

You want to build a business that thrives instead of dies.

You still want to be around, and be profitable, in 5 years (and beyond!)

In fact, what you really want is to be the one in your industry who rises above the chatter, stands out from the horde, and makes it to that $50,000, $250,000, $1,000,000 revenue mark.

And, you want to “do it from the heart.”

OK, awesome! But do you know what it’s going to take to get there?

Succeeding in business is a really big deal. And if you want to run a business from the heart, then you’re on the right track. (hint: Caring for your people, touching lives, it’s the very best thing you can do.  And it’s the very best driver of growth.)

But . . . you also have to run your business from your gut and your spine and your brain. And your blood. Your sweat. Your tears. And your quads.

Have you thought about the longer timeline?

Have you thought past that dreamy $50,000 milestone and considered what it will take to create prosperity well into the future?

What if I told you, that I believe, that most of that stuff you’re hearing out there in the cyber-sphere doesn’t really tell you the secret (or the whole story) to growing a thriving business, with lasting power?

What if I told you, that I believe, that today’s and tomorrow’s success is going to come from a different place than where yesterday’s success came from?

I know because I succeed, and thrive in business every day.

Want to know what has fueled our growth?

Want to know our secret sauce?

I can’t wait to share with you. For real.

Join the conversation!  Drop your beautiful moniker in the sidebar there, and we can talk about it on the regular.

A thriving, successful, long-term business can be yours! But only if you know what it takes.  (And apply it.)

And, speaking of business . . . For all you online business “Oregon Trail-ers” out there, I really really really want to talk with you about some other little things, too:

Like . . .

This one: You’re growing an online business, and you’re getting all these mixed messages from the community of “experts.” There’s all this tension inside you, and it’s getting you all churned-up, and it’s paralyzing you at times. I get it! Let’s talk about that!

Or this one: You were thinking “I want to start an online business” or “I want to monetize my blog!” So you went poking around to figure out how to do that, and so many people were telling you about “the one thing” that would make the difference for you. But really, you realized, there were, like, a bajillion things you needed to do, and most of it was stuff you’ve never heard of before. So now, instead of actually building your great new business, you’re sifting through the clutter of all these new words, and concepts, and things that you may or may not need.  Yeah, that part is frustrating. Let’s talk about that, too!

Oh, and let’s talk about webinars, and opt-ins, and cornerstone content, conferences, and websites, and so. much. more.

Yeah, I’ve lived through all that with you.

Oooooh, let’s talk about that!

I’m dying to hear what you have to say about that!

So, let’s connect!

I’m crammin’ this space with a bunch of goodies about that stuff, too. And, I want you to be the first to know.  So lend me your digits (well, your email address, really) and I’ll keep you up to date with The Latest!

I can’t wait!

And, for those of you who are interested, here’s a peek inside the personal side:

Jo Higgins Michael:  INTP

I’ve been over here trying, and failing, then succeeding at business since the mid 90’s. In 2008, in the wake of a job loss, with a bankruptcy on the credit report and two wee babes at home, my husband, Jason, and I began scraping in the dirt to build what would become our strong and thriving auto repair business.

I am naturally compelled to write and research, and I freak out if I accidentally leave the house without a pen and a steno (yes, I <3 paper).  I can’t wait to learn everything there is to know about something, then distill it down into digestible bits for my audience.

I live to create documents, matrices, and tables; and I am much more settled-down when information is neatly tucked away in a spreadsheet.

Self Portrait in '72 CamaroWords and photography are my media.  Content (and spreadsheets) are my artistry.  Serving others is my passion.

I steamrolled the undergrad program at The Ohio State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude, with Honors and Distinction, and completing the entire program in just 2 years (secret: computers weren’t even a thing back then).  I’ve been rockin’-n-rollin’ in customer service for over 20 years; and have over a decade’s-worth of experience in project management, service, and leadership.

Family portraitJason and I are lovin’ life in central Ohio with our two amazing kiddos. In addition to running the business-end of the repair shop, and helping others build strong businesses (that Care for their people), I also homeschool the kiddos, and am a ministry leader at our home church.

but wait, there’s more . . .

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