Care Space


It’s the most important thing you can do.  In business, and in life.

This is a space dedicated to encouraging you to share some Care.

First, as the business-end of this adventure develops, I am committed to dedicating a portion of my proceeds to Caring outward for others.

My first Care Project will be to support clean water efforts in Haiti.  Haiti is officially ranked the poorest country in the world, and accessing to clean water is a daily struggle there.  I am blessed to have a strategic contact who has agreed to connect me, and help me with this effort.

Keep peeking in here – more info is coming soon!


I know some amazing people who have dedicated some, or all, of their lives to creating an avenue to Care for others. Perhaps you will find that you want to participate in their project.  (Please note that I am not an affiliate of these ventures and do not receive any compensation from them.  I endorse them because I believe in what they do, and they make my heart skip a beat.)

Please take a moment to consider their endeavors. – Just the Write Encouragement

Birthed from a place of love, is the encouragement-endeavor created by my beautiful friend, Tiffany.  Here, women are given an avenue to love-on, and encourage, other women via written word.  Safe, anonymous, breath-taking, the art of the handwritten letter, encapsulating words of grace, comes back to life as an outlet for love and support.  I encourage you to jump on over to Tiff’s site to hear her heart, and take her hand.


Coming soon . . .

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