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Your VA is your greatest asset: An Interview with Trivinia Barber

Your VA is your greatest asset:  An Interview with Trivinia Barber

If you’ve spent any time in the world of online business, you’ve probably heard the term “VA.” A VA, or Virtual Assistant, can be your greatest asset. And like any investment, the relationship requires care and planning.

In this interview, one of my favorite ladies on the planet, Trivinia Barber, pulls back the curtain and shares everything we need to know about how to make the most of our relationship with our VA.

Trivinia is a qualified expert in the field: she is a VA (to none other than Amy Porterfield), she has a VA, and she manages a team of VAs in her own business, Priority VA. (Quick, say “VA” one more time!)

Being completely awesome, Trivinia holds nothing back. She educates us on:

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3 Tips for Creating a Memorable Opt-In

3 Tips for Creating a Memorable Opt-In

Opt-in, lead magnet, ethical bribe. Whatever you call it, having a way to give a freebie in exchange for a visitor’s email address is the name of the game in email list-building today.

So, with that in mind . . .

Quick – take a look at this, and tell me what they’re about, and who sent them:

opt-in sample

Can’t? Yeah, that’s a problem. Especially if you were the content creator and this is a picture of your potential audience’s opt-in folder.

A well done opt-in really should come full circle – establishing your future connection with them, and also leading them back to you.

When the user revisits their saved-files, or looks at your opt-in again, you need them to remember that it was YOU who sent it. That way they will remember the awesome value you gave them, and connect you with that warm and fuzzy feeling (spurring them to come back to your site for more).

This is doubly important if they happen to pass your freebie along (sharing=score!). If they send your ebook to a friend, but there is no way to distinguish it as yours, then you’ve missed a chance at creating a future reader.

Here are three things to keep in mind to make sure your opt-in is ready for the full-circle.

Tip #1 – Title it right:

When we save a draft onto our hard drive, we might call it “ebook rev2”, or “protoolkit1.5”. But when it comes time to share it with the world, you want your title to be obvious, and to include an element that identifies you as the source.

For example, if your opt-in is “5 Pro Tools Every Photographer Needs”, and your name is Mariah Jones, then you want to title it “MJ-5PhotoProTools” or “MariahJones-5PhotoProTools”. NOT “toolkit1”.

Tip #2 – Include your name, your website URL, and a copyright:

You want your opt-in to act like breadcrumbs back to your website.  So be sure to include your name and website URL somewhere in the content itself – either in the footer, or as bold and obvious part of the body. And, including a copyright line in the footer will add a layer of protection, as well as presenting your name one more time. (Hint – including a custom logo is even better.)

opt-in footer example

Tip #3 – Put it on an auto-responder:

If you promise the reader a goodie, they fork over their info, and the reward never comes (or comes 2 days later when you get around to checking your new subscriber list), then you’ve disappointed your prospect before you’ve even started the relationship.

Sending your opt-in through an auto-responder is the way to prevent this flub.

Different email service providers (such as Mailchimp and AWeber) have different auto-responder offerings and limitations.  You will want to check with yours to see what’s available with your plan.

Another option is to set yourself up with software like LeadPages.   LeadPages is particularly fantastic if you plan to do content upgrade opt-ins, because you can set up a dedicated catch-point and delivery response for each one.

So, next time you’re creating a delicious opt-in to captivate (and capture) your reader, don’t leave that trail cold on the other end. Set yourself up for full-circle success with easy identification, and timely delivery.

What has been your most successful opt-in? In the comments below, I’d love to hear about your opt-in wins!

And, for sure you have a pal who doesn’t want cold trails, either. Be sure to share this with them!