Audience-Building, Online Business, and Community: An Interview with Jeff Goins

Audience-Building, Online Business, and Community:  An Interview with Jeff Goins

Dreaming of going from blogger-obscurity to thriving online business owner? Then don’t miss this awesome interview with online business maven, Jeff Goins.

Four years ago, Jeff hoped to attract an audience of 250 readers, and was hesitant about spending $50 on his business. Today, he’s not only a bestselling author, but is also the creator of 3 successful online courses that have changed the lives of thousands.

In our time together, Jeff shares his perspective on:

  • When and how one should create an online course.
  • Today’s crowded blog marketplace (and if it is different from 5 years ago).
  • The most important ingredients for building a successful blog and online business.
  • How to survive the “Climbing Stage” of audience building.
  • His take on negative feedback.
  • And so much more!



Notable quotes:

  • “You don’t have to be the best of the best of the best. You only have to be better than most.”
  • “Are you up for the challenge; is this really your dream; do you really think it matters or not?”
  • “Something is going to work for you; you just have to try it.”
  • “Start with the demand. You don’t have a business if you don’t have a market. And if you have a market, you will always have a business.”

Take a deeper dive with these links:

Jeff’s website –

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Links I mention:

Help One Now

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I’d love to hear what are you doing to show compassion to your audience and build your community?  Tell me about it in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Audience-Building, Online Business, and Community: An Interview with Jeff Goins”

  1. This chat hasn’t say much new for me, but it has refreshed many tips and advices. I heard once that coaches sometimes doesn’t tell you something new, but they helps you to keep it present. It was a great boost for this morning to keep working =)

    Thank you both for you effort and for showing us the reality behind this world. It is really appreciated!

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