Use Your Platform to Change the World. An Interview With Jeremy Cowart.

An interview with Jeremy Cowart

How many times do we get the privilege to talk with somebody who is changing the world? I mean, really changing the world?

For me, it’s been twice in one week. And I take that privilege very seriously.

Photographer and creative genius, Jeremy Cowart (, has a platform big enough, and klout score high enough, that he could say just about anything he wants, and have millions of people to listen.

But when he speaks, he doesn’t blow his own horn. Instead, he humbly shares his incredible story of overcoming . . . and then he turns your attention to someone else:

The poor, the desperate, and the suffering.

And he asks you to consider their story, their plight, and their needs.

With 10 years in the industry, he has photographed the most famous faces on the planet. But his 4 books currently in publication, and two “photo-essays,” aren’t a “star portfolio.” Instead, they are the faces of the impoverished. The faces of the “ordinary.” And the faces of some who have stepped out to “make their mark” by taking action.

(And if he ever did publish a “star portfolio,” my guess is that proceeds would go to feed the hungry. But that’s just a guess.)

Jeremy is a man of action. A story teller and a story-gatherer. He’s a man of inspiration and ideas. In fact, he uses the word “ideas” more than anyone I’ve ever met. (He’s got so many, they keep him up at night.)

His creative muscle stretches way beyond his camera, and his heart is bigger than there are days in life.

And he’s determined to use every moment to push forward and to help people in need.

Join me as he shares with us the heart behind his work, his love for his family, and his passion to see you take action on your dreams.

Oh, and because we’re all just people here, there’s some “whoops!” goodies buried in there . . . and some good-for-a-laugh, “this is real life,” rapid-fire-silliness at the end.


Notable Quotes:

  • “Not a day goes by where I’m not aware of the things I’ve seen overseas, and the things I’ve experienced.”
  • “How do we find the things that we’re gifted at and use those things to serve?”
  • “Where your gifts intersect with giving back, something magical happens.”
  • [About ideas and big projects]: “Just start walking.  Just start taking those steps and the path kinda, I’ve learned, just reveals itself.”
  • “Do good work, be excellent in your profession, but also keep your family and your priorities straight.”
  • “If you don’t try and you don’t fail, then you never get anywhere because you don’t learn . . . Failure is an opportunity to learn.  So, I gain so much knowledge even when I fail that it’s always worth it for sure.”

Take a deeper dive with these links:

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Links I mention:

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I’m just so excited to hear what YOU are going to do to take action!  In the comments below, drop me a line and let me know!

And, do you know anybody who could use a healthy dose of inspiration?  Be sure to send this on to them, and inspire them to take action, too!

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