How We Earned Record Revenue With a $0 Ad Budget

In 2015, our auto repair shop earned record revenue. We spent exactly $0 on advertising.

You read that right: $0.

Oh, and I’ve done nothing to up our SEO. And our shop is not on a main road. (In fact, it’s tucked away in a dentist’s parking lot.)

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So how do we find our customers if we’re not marketing the snot out of them, and without a designer website or main street visibility?

The number one source is word-of-mouth referral. In fact, in 7+ years of business, 70-80% of our customers find us this way. It’s not uncommon for folks to come in saying they were referred to us by two or three unrelated people.

Our customers love us. And they climb over themselves to send their friends, family, church and neighborhood to us. When we get one, we get them all.

It’s about the impression they have of us before we ever meet, and the experience they have after we do.

It all comes down to how we care for them. It’s about how we treat them, how we respect them, and the quality we deliver.

It’s about relationships.

Relationships. Get this right, and you, too, can turn your customers into raving fans who will do your advertising for free.

This is an intro to a series I’ve written that breaks down the most important aspects of the customer experience and customer relationship – the ones that get them taken care of in the way that they need, which in-turn makes them love you for life (which equals free marketing).

In the series, which will be published weekly for the next several weeks, I’ll be talking about:

Quality, honesty, respect, listening and communication, authentic connection and much more.

So as this rolls out, tell me . . . what are you doing to care for your customers? Is your relationship with them your #1 priority? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

And, I’m sure your business buddies would love to know the secrets of free advertising. Be sure to pass this along to them, and clue them in on the goodness that’s a-comin’.

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