Your VA is your greatest asset: An Interview with Trivinia Barber

Your VA is your greatest asset:  An Interview with Trivinia Barber

If you’ve spent any time in the world of online business, you’ve probably heard the term “VA.” A VA, or Virtual Assistant, can be your greatest asset. And like any investment, the relationship requires care and planning.

In this interview, one of my favorite ladies on the planet, Trivinia Barber, pulls back the curtain and shares everything we need to know about how to make the most of our relationship with our VA.

Trivinia is a qualified expert in the field: she is a VA (to none other than Amy Porterfield), she has a VA, and she manages a team of VAs in her own business, Priority VA. (Quick, say “VA” one more time!)

Being completely awesome, Trivinia holds nothing back. She educates us on:

  • When we should consider hiring a VA.
  • How to brainstorm tasks that a VA can do for us.
  • The right way to look at the “cost” of a VA.
  • How to feel confident handing over “the keys to the kingdom.”
  • Considerations in hiring offshore help.
  • Preparations to make before bringing on outside help.
  • And oh so much more!!



On top of all that, Trivinia is also a mamma of 4. To warm all of our hearts, we even took some time out to talk about work-life “balance,” and how she involves her kiddos in her business. Priceless.

Take a deeper dive with these links:

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Links that I mention:

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Spirit of Truth School

I hope you take me up on my call to action, and start ideating on all the things you could offload in your business. Then, start taking the small steps and hiring out bits of work. Before you know it, you will have the budget in place, and the tasks mapped out, to be ready for a VA of your own . . . then start scaling up like crazy!

So, what can someone else do for you, so that you can stay in your genius zone? In the comments below, I’d love to hear the top 3 tasks where you can ask for help.

And, I’ll bet you’ve got a biz buddy out there who could benefit from this educational perspective. Please be sure and share this with them, so they can start scaling up, too!

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